13 February 2020
Dilemne moral - Crédits : Jorgen Mcleman via Shutterstock

Public Deontology: From Principles to Practices

The growing demand for deontology is affecting an increasing number of professions and missions, from politicians, civil servants and medical professions to journalists and scientists. […]
10 July 2019
Title: Iron White Man, a Sioux Indian from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

Indian lessons

Louis Assier-Andrieu took his first steps in research alongside Claude Lévi-Strauss. As an anthropologist, and then historian, sociologist, and lawyer, he has long conducted field […]
6 May 2019
Can digital technology reivent democrary ? Copyrigths Sciences Po

Cogito 6 – Dossier

Can digital technology reinvent democracy? To shed light on an issue as complex, multidimensional and often discussed in a Manichean way, researchers and Sciences Po […]
6 May 2019
Réseaux sociaux, par Gerd Altmann,Pixabay License

What democracy is doing with digital technology

by Dominique Cardon, Director of médialab. After being touted for showing democratic promise, digital technologies are today accused of disseminating fake news and serving as […]
6 May 2019
Creative Beauty at Creative Commons. Credits : CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Creative Commons and Open Source licenses – Do digital freedoms conflict with property rights?

by Séverine Dusollier Full Professor, Law School Revolutions often start with stories, anger, and frustrations that are a priori insignificant and anecdotal. This is the […]
25 October 2018

What civil and administrative law have in common

When preparing to become a lawyer * in France, it is necessary to choose fairly rapidly the branch to specialise in: private or public law. […]
9 April 2018
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To describe law is to transform it

Day after day thousands of lawyers produce writings – memorandums, academic articles, pedagogical material, etc. – that do not have the force of law in […]
22 March 2017
Meeting 1er mai 2012 Front National Crédits : Blandine Le Cain

Sciences Po research delves into the elections

Election studies have been a major research topic at Sciences Po for over a century, based on the work of André Siegfried, who began his […]
27 February 2017
Frontispice des documents émanant du ministère de la Justice au XIXe siècle. Crédits : ministère de la Justice

Elected officials and institutions

From elected officials to democracy, trust is lacking As underscored by Luc Rouban, Daniel Boy and Jean Chiche in their analysis of the first trust […]