16 April 2023
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 09, 2014: Celebration of the Victory Day (WWII). Solemn passage of military hardware on Red Square. The Topol-M (SS-27 Sickle B) intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile complex

Facing Nuclear Vulnerabilities

By Benoît Pelopidas On 12 October 2022, the French President seemed worried about the growing number of references to nuclear weapons in the public arena […]
16 April 2023
Premiere operation-de lutte contre le terrorisme INTERPOL-AFRIPOL. Source INTERPOL

Counterterrorism: How to Fail Most Successfully

By Didier Bigo How to assess the counterterrorism policies implemented abroad to prevent attacks on French soil? These policies emerged during George W. Bush Junior’s […]
16 April 2023
Les casques Bleus de la MINUSMA, lors de l'opération militaire « FRELANA » pour protéger les civils et leurs biens. Photo: MINUSMA / Harandane Dicko

UN Peacekeeping: Three Strategies on The Ground

By Chiara Ruffa As conflicts change and evolve, there is one fundamental tool of multilateralism that does not wane: United Nations (UN) peacekeeping. Symbolised by […]
16 April 2023
Taliban insurgents turn themselves in to Afghan National Security Forces at a forward operating base in Puza-i-Eshan -a. Crédits : isafmedia, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Armed Conflict: the Growing Impact of International Law

By Adam Baczko Contrary to the common perception of wars as lawless spaces, international norms influence the practices of warring parties. While prosecutions by international […]
14 December 2022

Benevolence and International Relations

In his book, La bienveillance dans les relations internationales. Un essai politique (CNRS Editions, January 2022), Frédéric Ramel sets out to examine and analyse international […]
12 February 2022

Civilians and Fallen Pilots in Europe, 1939-1945

From Hiding to Aggression From 1939 to 1945, pilots, soldiers and resistance fighters fell from the sky in war zones. However, when we compare the […]
8 July 2021

Proud to Punish. The World of Outlaw Vigilantes

‘There is no greater law firm than Smith & Wesson, especially if it’s backed up by a 12-gauge injunction.’ A member of the American vigilante […]
17 May 2021

Populism in Turkey: Towards the Demise of Democracy?

By Élise Massicard In recent years, Turkish democracy appears to have experienced a step-by-step descent into hell, with a succession of events such as the […]
16 March 2021

Defending Humanity by Protecting its Heritage

A New Mandate for UN Peace Operations Following the destruction of World Heritage sites in Mali, Iraq, and Syria between 2012 and 2015, the UN […]