12 October 2017

Karachi: Ordered Disorder

Political scientist, Laurent Gayer is a CNRS researcher at Sciences Po’s Centre for International Relations (CERI). His research focuses on the Indian subcontinent region and […]
22 September 2017

Nationalist diasporas? The Jewish American diaspora and long-distance nationalism

Do diasporas develop long-distance nationalism that expresses itself in a very radical way (uncompromising and extremist) and helps strengthen the ethnic identity of the “dispersed”? […]
11 September 2017

Renewable energy and network structuring in Europe.

Understanding the interactions between renewable energy and territories It has become imperative to make our societies progress towards an energy transition. Territories have been recognized […]
14 February 2017
Dr. Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov / CC BY 2.0. David.

Vulnerability of Knowledge and Nuclear

At a time when all states with nuclear weapons are launching multi-decade programs to “modernize” their arsenal, it is important to recognize that our societies’ […]
5 February 2017
Banksy freedom dove in Bethlehem.

Israel: reasons for peace

How has Israel’s peace camp evolved? What is the Israeli population’s mindset with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? In his latest book, Israël et ses […]
24 June 2016

The political and social life of identification papers in Africa

The political and social life of identification papers in Africa is a project supported by the National Agency for Research for the 2016-2019 timeframe, and […]
30 May 2016

Algeria Modern. From Opacity to Complexity

In their book Algeria Modern. From Opacity to Complexity (Hurst Publishers, CERI Sciences Po Series, April 2016), Luis Martinez and Rasmus Alenius Boserup look at […]
20 May 2016

To be represented at the International Labour Organization

Currently a lecturer in political science at Sciences Po Grenoble and a researcher at PACTE, Marieke Louis wrote her thesis on representativeness at the International […]