19 May 2021

From Populism to Populisms

By Marc Lazar For the past few decades, rising populism has been garnering interest and inspiring research in various fields: political science, philosophy, sociology, economy, […]
18 May 2021

Actuality of Populism

Populism differs depending on whether it is described in London or Ankara, in Budapest or Sofia, in Paris or Washington. National history, political institutions and […]
17 May 2021

Boris Johnson: a passing populist buzz?

By Florence Faucher With his blond hair, rapid ascension through the ranks thanks to political polarisation, and a capacity to ignore cumbersome objective facts, Boris […]
17 May 2021

Will the Covid-19 Crisis Mark the Decline of the Populist Right?

By Gilles Ivaldi Donald Trump’s defeat in the U.S. presidential election last November and the relative inability of populists to make their voices heard rd […]
17 May 2021

Populism in Turkey: Towards the Demise of Democracy?

By Élise Massicard In recent years, Turkish democracy appears to have experienced a step-by-step descent into hell, with a succession of events such as the […]
17 May 2021

United States: a Tired Democracy Under Attack from Trumpian Populism

By Mario Del Pero The last US elections seem to have once again shown the vitality and adaptability of American democracy. The country had record […]
17 May 2021

Does Anger Play Into the Hands of Populism?

by Lou Safra Whether directed at elites or more broadly at the establishment, anger is a characteristic that many populist candidates and elected officials share. […]
17 May 2021

Politics of Ethnicity and Democratic Resilience

by Jan Rovny The democratisation of central and eastern Europe was initially celebrated as a historical success story. A European subcontinent moved from communist authoritarian […]
17 May 2021

Right-wing Populist Vote: Challenging Popular Assumptions

by Alexis Baudour The storming of the Capitol on 6 January 2021 by Donald Trump’s supporters provided surreal images to illustrate the ‘wave of populism’ […]