Title: Iron White Man, a Sioux Indian from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Indian lessons
10 July 2019
Occupy Wall Street March 16, 2012.
Less Finance, Less Inequality? Ten Years After the Crisis
18 December 2019

Cogito 7 – Freedom, equality, fraternity and culture(s)

Cogito 7

It is under the motto “Freedom, equality, fraternity” that is placed this Cogito. Universal aspirations fragile, sometimes contradictory, they are today endangered by inequalities, authoritarian drifts, populism. But as our researchers show, it is possible to put in place political and social responses that can alleviate these problems and combat their roots. Some tracks to discover in this issue which also shows how cultures are made. Good readings!

Wide angle

Indian Lessons
by Louis Assier Andrieu

In Folio

The legitimacy of random draws
by Gil Delannoi
Modi India: national-populism and ethnic democracy promesses
  by Christophe Jaffrelot
Work and disability: ending exclusions
by Anne Revillard
Civilising capitalism
by Xavier Ragot
Decor, the other actor in film
by Gwenaële Rot
The secrets of the Hermitage
by Vincent Antoine Lepinay


Are domestics back?
by Nathalie Morel
To survive
by Jacques Sémelin 
What remains of the workers’ internationals?
by Nicolas Delalande


Fighting energy insecurity
 by Rachel Guyet

Rising Star

From unemployment to part-time work
by Hadrien Clouet