It is Time to Regulate Social Media
8 July 2021
Cogito 21
22 September 2021

Cogito 15

Cogito 15

Every six months, Cogito presents a selection of recent research at Sciences Po, with an emphasis on comparative approaches and interdisciplinary work. These two approaches were developed by one of our founders, Élie Halévy, whose intellectual path is described here. While current affairs are analysed in this issue – such as pandemic-related debt – our researchers also examine underlying trends, such as the revival of vigilante movements and the evolution of our relationship to money. And, in keeping with tradition, an original historical research and a research tool open to all are on display. Enjoy the read!

In Folio

Measuring French Pessimism
By Bruno Cautrès, Gilles Ivaldi et Luc Rouban
It is Time to Regulate Social Media
By Dominique Boullier
Curricula and Jobs:
Understanding Gender Segregation
By Carlo Barone
Proud to Punish.
The World of Outlaw Vigilantes

Interview with Gilles Favarel-Garrigues et Laurent Gayer
Omnipresent Money
Interview with Jeanne Lazarus
Controversy: A User’s Manual
Interview with Clémence Seurat et Thomas Tari
Reading and Rereading Halévy
By Marie Scot
The Covid Debt Must Prepare the Future
Interview with Xavier Ragot
When Courts are the Metronome of Productivity
By Johannes Boehm

Research in Project

Evaluating Environmental Policies
Interview with Charlotte Halpern


Waiting for a Transnational EU Public Sphere
By Catarina Froio

Rising Stars

Writing the History of the Future
Interview with Sibylle Duhautois
Saudi Arabia:
Moving Towards a Normalised University System
Interview with Elsa Bedos