When Economists Study Politics in Developing Countries
3 July 2020
Migrations: On-Going Research Projects
16 November 2020

Cogito 11

The pandemic – analysed in this issue in terms of some of its social aspects – has not eclipsed the more serious and long-lasting issue of environmental degradation, to which several articles are devoted. Other key issues – artificial intelligence, otherness, and savings – are also explored, offering new perspectives on current events. Research with an international scope, combining economics, political science, and sociology, is also presented. The issue culminates in a painful story that resonates today more than ever: that of the end of slavery. Enjoy the read!

Wide angle

When Economists Study Politics in Developing countries
Interview with Benjamin Marx

In Folio

Pesticides. How to Ignore What We Know
by Jean-Noël Jouzel
Small Island States Facing Climate Change
Interview with Carola Kloeck et Michael Fink
Pollution Sensors: A Tool for Collaboration between Citizens and Public Authorities?
by Sylvain Parasie
The Littoral: A Historical Investigation in the Anthropocene Epoch
by Giacomo Parrinello
Artificial Intelligence: What Revolution Are We Talking About?
by Virginie Tournay
For a Better Intergenerational Circulation of Assets
Interview with Vincent Touzé
Why Join a Political Party Today?
by Laura Morales
How Voters Respond to Crime Control Policies
by Roberto Galbiati
How Private International Law Reveals our Relationship to the Other
Interview with Horatia Muir-Watt
This Peculiar Epidemic is a Happiness Disease…
par Hugues Lagrange 

Research Project

The Long End of Slavery in the Maghreb
Interview with M’hamed Oualdi


ELIPSS: Portrait of the French Under Lockdown