Faculty Directory

Christophe Jaffrelot

Senior researcher, CNRS
Affiliated to: Centre de recherches internationales
Research Topics: Theories of nationalism and democracy, Mobilization of the lower castes and untouchables in India, Hindu nationalist movement, Ethnic conflicts in Pakistan,

Christophe Jamin

Affiliated to: Ecole de Droit (DROIT)
Research Topics: Law of obligations, Legal theory, Contract law, History of legal thought, Legal education

Lucien Jaume

CNRS Emeritus Director of Research
Affiliated to: Centre de recherches politiques de Sciences Po
Research Topics: Citizenship, Direct Democracy / Participatory Democracy, Epistemology, Methodology of Social Sciences, Political Philosophy, Parliaments, Political History, Liberalism, Political institutions, Political representation

Jean-Noël Jouzel

CNRS Senior researcher
Affiliated to: Centre de sociologie des organisations, Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO)
Research Topics: Environmental health, Occupational health, Production of ignorance
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