Accessibility of the Research Website

In compliance with level AA of the RGAA 2.2 (the General Accessibility Guidelines for French websites), the Sciences Po Admissions website has been optimised to make it as accessible as possible for handicapped persons.

Nevertheless, some contents are not accessible :

  • lack of alt attribute ont the Google maps ; the link doesn't specify the opening in a new window,
  • lack of audio description and captions for the video, but we provide a full text alternative to the short ones;
  • some PDFs documents and old newsletters (before july 2015)
  • the rolling RSS feeds on home page
  • the share toolbar on article pages
  • some tables automatically generated
  • some contents hosted on external sites, such as the results from a Google search, videos on YouTube or Vimeo, Google Maps
  • some complex graphics do not provide a complete textual alternative, but are described in the article nearby
  • the scaling of content is not always operative; we must rely on the zoom support of most modern browsers;
  • when switching between languages, the language of each passage of text is not always identified. Some pages are bilingual : we mention it every time

We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality for the site. Nevertheless, given the dynamic and living nature of the site, it is possible that the accessibility of some content may be temporarily impaired.

If you experience any difficulty, please notify us. We will make every effort to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If you find that a PDF document is not accessible and you have problems accessing its contents, please contact us.

Digital accessibility contact:

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