Case studies

This course is designed to ensure that students have the ability to co-create concrete solutions to improve citizen’s lives, public administration and private companies. The aim is to provide stakeholders with innovative, user-friendly and practical recommendations. On this occasion, innovative methodologies and high technologies are explored to foster open democracy and collective intelligence. Students gain professional experience by working on a real-world problem, following a single methodology to help them develop prototypes with experiential learning, evidence-based, data-driven and ethical approaches. attention mettre deux lignes sur les cours “hors murs” (cité internationale des arts”)

How does it work? 

The Incubator is a program undertaken by first year Master students, during their second semester. The project gives them the opportunity to put learning into practice: it is based on a team effort to carry out prototypes and concrete solutions, using a community-based approach and civic technology. Students work in teams of 4-6 under the guidance of a coach who supervises their work on a real-world policy challenges with external partners.

List of case studies offered in 2019-2020 (only on semester 3).

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