Case studies

Case studies are compulsory courses undertaken by all second year Master students. This module is a key part of the core curriculum and consists in a proactive method aimed at immersing students in the heart of a complex situation. Faculty members across disciplines and experts from the field have developed cases based on their expertise and research: students have hence the opportunity to understand and evaluate a decision-making or implementation process in different sectors (whether private or public). 

Cases address both the theory and practice of negotiation and conflict management: some of them are substantive (e.g. digital or environmental development), some are focused on specific sectors (e.g. cultural management or social innovation), while others are context-oriented (e.g. French public administration and law system). 

How does it work ? 

Each semester, course contents are reviewed in order to provide new pedagogical offers that are directly linked to current issues. The module is mandatory; as such, all students must validate a case study, which is credited with 4 ECTS credits. The module consists in 6 sessions of 2 hours each (12 hours total). Sessions are held every other week to allow students to work independently between each class. Assignments are requested by the teacher between each session.

List of case studies offered (only on semester 3).

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