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Teaching guides and training sessions

Guides and training for getting started with your teaching

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Teaching guides and information sheets

Several teaching guides and information sheets are available to help you design and run your lessons. How should I design my lesson? What teaching resources should I use? What activities should I offer my students? How can I assess their learning? You can find practical information and advice in the documentation provided by the ICI.

Teaching guides

Thematic Information Sheets 

For more specific information, do not hesitate to contact your pedagogical teams or the Institute for Skills and Innovation’s team.

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Training sessions

A range of training sessions on pedagogy, digital teaching tools and classroom equipment is offered throughout the year by the Institute for Skills and Innovation: 

  • Pedagogy (Designing a course, Diversifying learning activities, Evaluating student work, Make your course more dynamic using Wooclap, etc.)
  • Using the pedagogical platform Moodle 
  • Getting to grips with the classroom’s screen (tactile functions, whiteboard) - in french only
  • Recording course material with RapidMooc (Paris campus) (in french)
  • Editing videos
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Tutorials for your digital educational tools

As a Sciences Po faculty member, you have access to 

  • Zoom, a webconferencing platform for virtual classes and meetings,
  • Moodle, a online platform for sharing learning materials and activities with your students,
  • Wooclap, a suite of interaction tools (polls, quiz, word cloud, brainstorming, etc.) to energize your courses,
  • Whaller, Sciences Po's internal social network

You'll find all the tutorials you need to get to grips with these tools on the Using education technology page.

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