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Teaching support


The Institute for Skills and Innovation provides you with a set of teaching guides and sheets (accessible via your Sciences Po account and password) to help you design and run your face-to-face, remote or hybrid classroom.

Tutorials are also available for all the educational and digital tools used at Sciences Po.


Intensive programme before the start of each semester

Before the start of each semester, an intensive programme of training sessions on pedagogy and digital teaching methods and tools (Designing a course, Teaching in a hybrid room, Discovering Wooclap, Diversifying activities, First steps with Moodle, etc.) is offered to help you prepare your courses:

  • When? from late June to mid-July, and from late August to mid-September 2022
  • Registration: please contact ici@sciencespo.fr

On demand training sessions

A range of training sessions on pedagogy, digital teaching tools and classroom equipment is offered throughout the year by the Institute for Skills and Innovation:

  • Pedagogy (Designing a course, Teaching in a hybrid room, Diversifying activities, etc.): 
  • Making your course more dynamic with Wooclap: 
  • Using the pedagogical platform Moodle:
  • Getting to grips with the classroom’s screen (tactile functions, whiteboard) - in French:
  • Recording course content with RapidMooc (Paris campus) - in French:
  • Editing videos:
  • Manage a classroom on a regional campus:
    • contact the technical manager of the site


The instructional designers of the Institute for Skills and Innovation are available to listen to you and answer your questions throughout the year. Do not hesitate to contact them.

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