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Teaching students with disabilities

More than 300 students with visible or invisible disabilities study at Sciences Po each year. They may choose to make themselves known to their instructors or they may prefer not to do so. In the latter case, instructors are informed of the disability present in their group without knowing which student it concerns.

Instructors have a responsibility to make their teaching, learning and evaluation methods as inclusive and accessible as possible, and to put accommodations in place if necessary. The attitude to adopt towards any student with a disability should be supportive yet unobtrusive so as not to stigmatise the student.

The Disability Support Service has developed a number of resources to help instructors find the right approach.


These educational fact sheets are designed to promote best practice in accommodating disability in the classroom and facilitating full involvement in student life for students with a disability.



These scenes were shot on Sciences Po premises and are based on situations that our instructors have really experienced. They present the difficulties posed in class by certain types of disability. In each case, practical recommendations are offered on how instructors can make everyone’s working conditions accessible and more comfortable.

The videos cover dyslexia, ADD, dyspraxia, autism, bipolarity, anorexia, depression, hearing impairment, visual impairment and serious illness.

  1. Teaching students with dyslexia (fr.)
  2. Teaching students with ADD (fr.)
  3. Teaching students with dyspraxia (fr.)
  4. Teaching students with autism (fr.)
  5. Teaching students with bipolar disorder (fr.)
  6. Teaching students with anorexia (fr.)
  7. Teaching students with depression (fr.)
  8. Teaching students with a hearing impairment (fr.)
  9. Teaching students with a visual impairment (fr.)
  10. Teaching students with a serious illness (fr.)

Watch the tutorials: teaching students with disabilities (fr.).

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