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Preparing your courses


The academic advisor sets the course objectives in line with the programme the course belongs to. As an instructor, you propose content and a teaching format, which can then be reworked jointly to ensure the programme objectives, other courses, any peculiarities, student profiles, etc. are taken into account.

Instructors can take advantage of teaching support and the Library’s resources.


You need to complete the course syllabus template and send it to your programme secretary at least one month before student registration begins. This presentation will be published on the Internet and visible to the public. It’s designed to give students an idea of the course content and format before they have to choose their courses during course registration.

The syllabus will also be included in the “grand syllabus” which lists all courses and instructors for the academic year.


Instructors put together their course planning before the semester starts. The course planning specifies the learning objectives, pedagogical activities, and evaluation formats for each sessions. It also specifies the readings and assignments the students will have to complete between two sessions. The course planning should make clear to students how the course progresses and the perspective it takes and help them organize their work. Instructors make the course plan available to their student group at the start of the semester.

The Institute for Skills and Innovation can help you to design your course planning, define learning objectives, choose pedagogical activities or assessment formats.

You can :


You are asked to submit your timetable choices two months before course registration.
At the same time, indicate any special needs you have for the course in terms of accessibility, equipment, etc.

This is the ideal time to learn about the digital and educational tools made available by Sciences Po. Training sessions are also regularly organised before the start of the academic year.

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