Seas and Oceans Certificate

The Seas and Oceans thematic programme gives students an introduction to marine and coastal issues in the social sciences, with a particular focus on environmental and geostrategic concerns, and the governance of social-ecological systems. At the end of their Bachelor’s degree at the Undergraduate College, students taking the programme are awarded the Seas and Oceans Certificate, which allows them to showcase their skills and expertise in these areas.

Thanks to partnerships established between the campuses and various local organisations, students taking the certificate can complete their Civic Learning Experience fieldwork in organisations and associations working in areas relating to the management, administration and conservation of seas and coastlines.

The Seas and Oceans Certificate receives academic support and advice from the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) at Sciences Po. In addition, students can choose to align projects they undertake as part of the programme with the work of the university’s Overseas Chair (Fr), launched in spring 2021.

Certification process

The Seas and Oceans Certificate is open to all students (regardless of regional specialisation, major and minor) on the Le Havre and Poitiers Campus, and is soon to be offered on the Menton Campus.

To be eligible for the certificate, students must:

  • Validate a theoretical seminar course relating to the theme of seas and oceans in year one of the undergraduate programme (second semester);
  • Validate two seminar courses relating to the theme of seas and oceans in year two (third and/or fourth semester);
  • Validate a fieldwork placement in an area relating to marine issues as part of the Civic Learning Programme (Civic Internship in year one or Independent Project in year two);
  • Submit a Capstone Project on the certificate them

All courses eligible for inclusion in the certificate are listed in the course catalogue for the Seas and Oceans Certificate.

The seminar courses and Civic Learning Programme specialism are not additional academic requirements. Students taking the Seas and Oceans Certificate choose to devote some of their elective course options and part of their Civic Learning Programme to the certificate theme.

Applications for the certificate are submitted at the end of the second year and subject to a qualitative assessment by an academic committee.

Frequently asked questions

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