Disciplinary and Multidisciplinary knowledge

The Bachelor of Arts offers a structured and progressive education in the social sciences and humanities.

In the first year, students discover the content and reasoning specific to each discipline (economics, history, humanities, law, political science, sociology). In the second and third years, they continue disciplinary study from a multidisciplinary perspective. Priority is placed on the developing the following skills:

  • Define and analyse key theoretical concepts in each discipline
  • Understand the historical background and regional specificities of contemporary debates
  • Acquire methodological rigour and the ability to collect, assess, and synthesize various types of information (text, graphical, data) in both written and verbal formats
  • Cultivate intellectual agility by engaging with different ways of thinking and acting as well as drawing links across fields of study
  • Build a critical understanding of how knowledge is produced as well as of social norms

Core disciplines

Multidisciplinary Majors

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