CEVIPOF (Centre for Political Research at Sciences Po) was founded in 1960 by Jean Touchard. It became a joint Sciences Po-CNRS research centre in 1968 and has been headed by Martial Foucault as Director since January 2014.

Ever since it was first created, CEVIPOF has been considered to be one of the major centres for research in political science as demonstrated by academic appraisal, feedback from the public debate arena and the expertise it provides to government. While it offers an in-depth focus on the political sphere in France, much of the work carried out at the centre adopts a comparative approach while other themes are global in scope.


CEVIPOF is a multi-disciplinary research centre, which draws on an extended landscape of methodological resources. These include quantitative and qualitative methodologies to process surveys and opinion polls, longitudinal studies, big data and discourse analysis, theoretical comparative research, and also a number of techniques specific to socio-physics. CEVIPOF has been conducting systematic electoral studies since 1968 when it became a joint Sciences Po-CNRS centre, thus providing a unique and cumulative series of data comparable over time

CEVIPOF researchers publish their work in a wide variety of leading international journals and are regularly invited to present their research at international academic events. The centre hosts a number of visiting researchers throughout the year. It also organizes conferences and academic events on a regular basis thus creating a platform for its ever-expanding international network to interact and develop their mutual interests in the political sciences.   


  1. Elections and Public Opinion 
  2. Political Sociology
  3. Political Theory
  4. Political Institutions

The centre plays a vital role at the interface between research and politics providing a valuable resource for political actors, society at large, economic decision makers and the media.

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