Language Assessments

University Programme Language Assessments

Candidates who need to demonstrate their level of proficiency in French or English, and who do not have one of the other accepted forms of language verification, may pass a Summer School language assessment.

The Summer School proposes multiple language assessments including:

  • One English language assessment testing for the minimum level of English required for the Summer School.
  • Five French language assessments, for each level of the French language track from A2 to C2.

Language assessment instructions

Candidates should print out the language assessment, take it at home without any external assistance, scan it, and upload it to their application file under the "Languages" section. Each assessment requires approximately one to two hours to complete. The assessment should be uploaded as a single PDF file with all pages in the correct order to facilitate the evaluation process. The assessment will be evaluated by a Summer School language instructor, which takes between one and two weeks. Exceptionally, if the results of a first test are inconclusive, candidates may be asked to complete a second assessment.

These assessments are specific to the Summer School and may not be used for application to any other Sciences Po programme.


Candidates who need proof of their level in English may download the English language assessment. Please note that there is only one assessment, which demonstrates the minimum proficiency necessary to participate in the Summer School. 

Download the Summer School English language assessment


Candidates who need proof of their level in French must choose the assessment that fits their goals. For more information on the language levels, download an explanation of the CEFR levels (in English and French, PDF, 140Ko).

French language track candidates should take the test below the level they wish to take at the Summer School.  For example, if you wish to take Level B2, you must take the Level B1 assessment to demonstrate you have mastered the material taught at the B1 level. Candidates who think that their French level may change between the time of application and the Summer School should take a language assessment based on their current French level. They will then have the opportunity to retake a language assessment immediately prior to beginning classes and will be moved up or down a level according to results. Students who wish to enter the A1 level do not need to take a French language assessment.

Download the Summer School French language assessments

Complete beginner – students applying for Level A1 do not need to take a placement test

Level A1 assessment – for students who wish to take Level A2

Level A2 assessment – for students who wish to take Level B1

Level B1 assessment – for students who wish to take Level B2

Level B2 assessment – for students who wish to take Level C1

Level C1 assessment – for students who wish to take Level C2

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