27 November 2022
Laura - Séance de portrait pour la campagne 2018 de l'association "Tombée du Nid", pour la reconnaissance des personnes porteuses de trisomie 21. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Refusing Down’s Syndrome Screening: A Reasoned Choice

How to understand pregnant women who refuse screening for Down’s syndrome(1)It is a genetic disease that can cause physical and mental disabilities, the extent and […]
13 June 2022

Wage Inequality: the Price of Motherhood

We know that the gender gap in the workplace widens when women become mothers, but some aspects of this inequality have been understudied, particularly the […]
12 February 2022

Care Earnings in the United States and 24 European Countries

The Role of Social Policy and Labour Market Institutions How to explain the low wages plaguing American care workers? Is the situation the same in […]
12 December 2021

The Reform of Access to Health Studies in France

The Students’ Perspectives By Agnès van Zanten, Alice Olivier, Christophe Birolini, Audrey Chamboredon et Léon Marbach ‘Saying it is no longer a competitive exam, this […]
8 July 2021

Curricula and Jobs: Understanding Gender Segregation

By Carlo Barone, Observatoire sociologique du changement Women now outperform men in education: their rates of upper secondary and tertiary attainment are significantly higher in […]
16 March 2021

Female Education, Technologies and the Demographic Transition

A Virtuous Circle by Angela Greulich, OSC Studying the demographic transition in developing countries calls for a long-term perspective. Taking into account intergenerational dynamics, as […]
16 March 2021

Influenced Choice: Why Opt for Lockdown?

How does public opinion affect choices during major crisis periods? What elements influence the population? The Coping with Covid-19 project (CoCo), conducted by OSC and […]
16 November 2020

Before the Deluge

The Apparently Unstoppable Growth of Human Mobility in the Pre-Covid World by Ettore Recchi Six months after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic […]
3 July 2020

This Peculiar Epidemic is a Happiness Disease…

In his book Les maladies du bonheur [Happiness diseases] published last March, Hugues Lagrange, an emeritus CNRS research director at the Observatory of Social Change […]