A Europe that lacks solidarity
12 March 2016

On the road again

Four migrations pathway, 2013In addition to the wealth of research conducted on migrations in Europe, research covering other regions of the world has created many additional comparison opportunities. Overview: historian Sabine Dullin explores the role of boundaries and mobility on the Soviet regime; political scientist Hélène Le Bail studies migration trajectories in East Asia, as well as migratory policies in Japan; economist Joan Monras studies the impact on wages of Latin American migrations in the South of the USA; economist Florian Oswald studies the impact of immigration on real estate prices in the USA; political scientist Daniel Sabbagh focuses on the study of anti-discrimination policies in the USA; political scientist Hélène Thiollet conducts research on migratory policies in the countries of the South and more particularly the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.  Other researchers work on migrations as a whole: their global governance, climate migrations…

Finally, considerable research more or less directly touches upon migration issues by studying subjects with which they are consistently linked: political life, identities, nationalisms, mobility, developing countries, and of course, conflicts.

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