12 July 2016

Europe’s response to migrations

As a major and age-old phenomenon, migration is central to research conducted at Sciences Po across all disciplines. To cover this issue is to embark […]
27 June 2016

Cogito, the Newsletter of Research at Sciences Po

The launch of Cogito has one main purpose: to share our most recent research findings and new projects with you. It was not easy to […]
22 June 2016

A different approach to political competition

Remarks on the strategy and structure of party competition While William H. Riker and Stein Rokkan’s works, as well as the intellectual schools that have […]
7 June 2016

(Re) Producing healthy people

While the history of eugenics initially emphasized its totalitarian and criminal applications, new questions have emerged since 2000. How did this scientistic and non-egalitarian ideology […]
7 June 2016

Minimum Wage and Inequality

In a paper “The Minimum Wage and Inequality: The Effects of Education and Technology” published  in the Journal of Labor Economics, in January 2016, Zsofia […]
7 June 2016

Blasphemy is as much political as it is religious

In her book, Les bûchers de la liberté, (The stakes of freedom), Anastasia Colosimo, a PhD student at Sciences Po, analyses the highly topical notion […]
4 June 2016

Why does the State want to govern our behaviour?

“Eat, move”, “I eco-renovate, I economize”, “Generic medicines are great”, “Smoking kills”: What is the state doing when it thus interferes in our private lives […]
2 June 2016
Banque Centrale Européenne

Strength in (European ) Union?

L’économie européenne 2016, a French Economic Observatory (OFCE) collective work, edited by Jérôme Creel, helps grasp the magnitude of the crisis that European institutions are […]
2 June 2016

Legal fiction, ideology and global governance

Present since Roman law, legal fictions are often analyzed as contrivances allowing a fact to be considered proven even if it is a known falsehood, […]