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27 February 2017
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Measuring inequalities between migrants and nationals
28 February 2017

And tomorrow?

Dessinons les élections

With the French elections nearing, research is in full swing. To remain up to date – while maintaining perspective (!) – you can follow CEVIPOF’s surveys and analyses by visiting the 2017 French Election Survey website, which will be regularly updated through November and/or subscribe to its monthly newsletter.

Looking for another way to understand politics (under the pretext of teaching young people)? Comics! Visit the website Drawing our elections, created in partnership between CEVIPOF and the University of Montreal’s center for international studies and research. Using humor, this website addresses important issues, such as the position of women…

Next, beginning in mid-April, the library’s website will include a map of the online activity and mobilization of political parties, candidates and civil society.

We will also provide insights in the aftermath of the elections, through a post-election poll that the Centre for European Studies will conduct several days after the second round of the presidential elections.

Finally, we hope this feature showed you the extent to which Sciences Po’s election studies are abundant, multi-dimensional and forward-looking. And yet… How many studies were not presented here? Hundreds. How many topics were not raised? Dozens.


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And tomorrow?