Two-Year Master's Programmes

Develop your thinking and gain practical experience to work for the Common Good

The School of Public Affairs trains its students to become leaders in the design of innovative and enlightened solutions to major contemporary challenges.

The School's graduate programme is designed for students who, in a multicultural environment, are able to grasp the major political, social and economic challenges of tomorrow.

The School of Public Affairs offers two Master’s programmes:

In addition to choosing a Master's programme, students choose one of 11 policy streams offered by the School. These are intended to promote and enhance the employability of students in all areas of public affairs.

The School of Public Affairs has also developed a series of teaching methods that engages students in addressing public policy of the past and future. Pedagogical innovation enriches all aspects of training, from the use of real-life situations to reverse pedagogy or digital technologies (e-courses, online modules, etc.). Throughout their studies, students have access to the Policy Lab, which develops innovative methods for accessing and applying knowledge (case studies, simulations, Public Policy Incubator, Democratic Innovation project). This allows students to sharpen their critical thinking skills as well as to experiment with the design and implementation of a public affairs project or an entrepreneurship project.

Theses programmes are open to students with a minimum of 3 years of higher education.

Programme structure

Find out how you can personalise your studies (infogram)

Find out how you can personalise your studies (infogram)

Career and professional opportunities

Employability is a key issue for the School of Public Affairs, is at the heart of the concerns of the School of Public Affairs, which supports its students in the construction of their professional project throughout their studies, by fostering exchanges between organizations and students.

The School draws on its extensive network of public and private partners to facilitate internships, apprenticeships and, more broadly, the professional integration of its students.

For more information

We invite you to explore our two-year Master’s programmes as well as our 11 policy streams to help you make your choice.

We also invite you to watch the interview with our Dean and the testimony of one of our students from the School's latest Campus Channel.

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