Employability is a key issue for the School of Public Affairs, which educates public policy makers, policy analysts and researchers and those who implement policy.

Career destinations range from policy formulation to implementation and management in a variety of environments: ministries, international organisations, regional health agencies, cultural institutions, local environmental agencies, consulting firms, start-ups, etc.

Accordingly, the school ensures students are able to acquire the knowledge, tools and skills specific to each sector.

A career plan developed throughout the programme

To follow through on the priority given to employability at the School of Public Affairs, we support students in developing their career plans throughout their programme by:

  • promoting encounters between companies and public institutions—the recruiters of today—and students, the professionals of tomorrow.
  • organising, developing and participating in recruitment events in collaboration with the Sciences Po Careers Service and the School's faculty.

A wide range of careers worldwide

Graduates of the School of Public Affairs work in France, Europe, the United States and more than 50 other countries.

  • 37% of graduates work in public administration at the local, regional, national levels and European institutions
  • 63% work in the private sector, either for firms that interact with the public sector (consulting firms, auditing, etc.) or companies in sectors regulated by public authorities, international organisations and civil society organisations (non-governmental organisations, foundations, associations, think tanks, etc.)


The diversity of policy streams offered by the School allows for a wide variety of career paths.

Public administration
Audit, Consulting
Banking, Insurance, Finance
Education, Research, Think Tanks
International Organisations, Associations, NGOs
Press, Media, Publishing, Communication, Technology
Trade, Retail
Industry, Energy, Transport

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