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King's College London and Sciences Po have expanded their historic partnership by initiating a joint Graduate Programme in International Affairs. This programme allows participating students to obtain in two years of studies with a year each in Paris and London, both a Master's degree offered by the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po (PSIA) and a Master's degree offered by one of a number of schools and departments within the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy at King's College London.

Spanning a wide range of disciplines and bilingual teaching (in French and English), this selective programme will allow students to customise their training at both universities, and also to benefit from the numerous opportunities, networks and services offered on both sides of the Channel.

Programme of studies

With this collaboration, King's and Sciences Po are inaugurating a new, open and flexible type of joint degree which bridges 7 Master's programmes on the Sciences Po side and over 30 degree programmes on the King's side. These dozens of degree combinations therefore allow students to design their own path of study in international affairs in both Paris and London and benefit from top-level education. In advance of arriving to King's, students enrolled in the programme will be permitted, under specificregulations, to select their optional modules. 

This joint graduate program is aimed at graduate students planning careers in diplomacy, international organisations and other areas of social and public policy at the national, European and global level. 

Final graduation will depend on satisfying the requirements of both years of the programme. Therefore, students receive a temporary graduation in July at Sciences Po and graduate in October of Year 2, providing they have completed the requirements of Year 2 at King's and achieved the requisite number of credit points. 

Studies: Year 1 at Sciences Po

During the first year at Sciences Po, students may join any one of the master's programs at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA):

Students will take 60 credits at Sciences Po. 

Programme :

Studies: Year 2 at King's College London

The second year runs from October until September of the following year. 

Students will enrol in any of the more than 30 degree programs offered at King's College London offered within the following schools and departments:

School of Politics and Economics


Department of Political Economy

Department of European & International Studies

School of Security Studies

Department of War Studies

School of Global Affairs 


Application process:

Candidates to the dual degree apply through Sciences Po’s website: http://www.sciencespo.fr/admissions/en/content/graduate-dual-degrees

An estimated maximum of 25 students is expected to be admitted and enrolled per academic year. Prospective students must meet admission criteria for the chosen Master's programmes at both schools. 


The dual degree is open to all candidates worldwide.

Applicants do not have to be already enrolled at Sciences Po or King's to apply for the dual degree. 

Tuition fees

Students must pay the tuition fees applicable in their host institution (Sciences Po for Year 1 and King's for Year 2).

For further information, please visit the following links:


At Sciences Po

Questions regarding admission procedures (application, requirements, etc.): Admissions contact form

Catarina Laranjeira, Assistant Dean for Admissions, Paris School of International Affairs - Email

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