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Dual degree in Environmental Science and Policy with Sorbonne Université

Section #general-objective

General objectives

To meet the environmental challenges of the next decades, the Dual Master Degree in Environmental Science and Policy relies on an interdisciplinary approach. This approach is inspired by the idea that practitioners trained in the economics of the environment and climatology, environmental modelling and environmental law will be better equipped to understand the complexity of the political, economic, scientific and democratic challenges of the environment. They will also be better able to combine theoretical and practical knowledge and, thereby, contribute to coordination between the different players in the field of the environment.

Section #orientation

Main orientations and specific features

Throughout the study program, students are introduced to cutting-edge techniques in the study of biodiversity, climate change and the “earth system” (ecology, climatology, biogeochemistry, modelling).  Students acquire the theoretical knowledge they require to evaluate the state of the planet, identify and quantify the main parameters, prioritize the processes and assess the uncertainty of current knowledge. Whatever the career they choose, graduates will be capable of communicating with scientists and experts, using models and understanding their limitations.

In parallel, an interdisciplinary social sciences team (political scientists, economists, legal experts and sociologists) will introduce students to sustainable development institutions and stakeholders and the economic, legal and financial tools of environmental regulation.

Lastly, courses on the history and sociology of science, techniques and the environment and also of environmental philosophy give students the general knowledge they need to consider the use and development of contemporary technology.

Students of this program spend their first year at PSIA, whilst taking two compulsory modules at Sorbonne Université in the 1st semester. Students spend their second year at Sorbonne Université, where they spend a specialised semester focused on scientific issues followed by an embedded internship semester

Section #career

Career opportunities

Graduates of the the Dual Master in Environmental Science and Policy are well placed to pursue roles in:

  • public agencies, regional and local government or international organizations, in positions involving formulation, management and assessment of public policies in the field of the environment and sustainable development;
  • companies involved in economic sectors that need to integrate the environmental dimension (industry, transportation, housing, energy, the food industry, etc.), in management, definition of strategy, consulting and environmental audit, applied research and project management;
  • innovative companies belonging to the green economy.
Section #program

Program and degree structure

In accordance with PSIA’s Pedagogical Committee approved degree structure, students starting the Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Policy in September 2020 will follow the program structure below. 

Further details regarding PSIA’s general program structure.

Below is the new degree structure for the Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Policy

The degree structure for the PSIA Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Policy

Download the Program structure (PDF, 51 Kb).

Section #admission


Admission to the Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Policy follows the rules of the Dual Degree admission procedure.


• Applicants must hold a BA in Sciences or a degree in engineering. Other scientific backgrounds will also be considered.

• Language requirements are listed on the Admissions webpage.

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Academic Advisor: Céline Cantat