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Camila, AXA IM Alts Private Equity Impact Investment Strategy, at AXA Investment Managers, UK


Coming from Peru, Camila Alva Estabridis has graduated with the One-Year Master in Advanced Global Studies, concentration in Environment and Sustainability. She works as an Impact Associate at the AXA IM Alts Private Equity Impact Investment Strategy, at AXA Investment Managers, UK.

What are your main responsibilities? 

At AXA IM, our impact investing strategy boasts approximately $2.5 billion in Assets Under Management. Our primary investment themes encompass climate technology, nature-based solutions, global health, and financial inclusion. I am privileged to be part of a dedicated team of 25 professionals.

In my role, I develop strategic thematic research to continuously enhance the AXA IM impact investing strategy. Our research to date has covered crucial areas such as energy efficiency, climate adaptation, sustainable forestry, agriculture and food systems, and blended capital for nature-based solutions.

I co-lead the impact measurement and management strategy, conducting thorough impact and ESG due diligences for all potential investments. This process ensures that the impact thesis aligns with AXA IM's strategy and identifies key ESG risks and gaps. My responsibilities include fieldwork, stakeholder interviews, interest and needs mapping, and risk identification. The findings are presented to the investment committees for informed decision-making.

Additionally, I collaborate with companies to define KPIs and ESG action plans, which are later used for evaluation. I also co-develop tools and guidelines to rank, assess, and monitor the impact potential and ESG risks of our investments.

My work involves conducting analyses to ensure strategic alignment with evolving industry frameworks such as Core Carbon Principles, TNFD, and the EU Taxonomy. I coordinate the periodic reporting and external audits required for Impact and ESG regulations, including SFDR.

In my capacity, I also deputize for the Director of Impact Management when necessary and represent AXA IM at panels and external talks related to impact measurement and management.

The most essential skills in my role include the ability to identify, measure, and monitor impact and ESG risks across various settings, engage with diverse stakeholders, conduct thorough research, communicate effectively, and work seamlessly within a team.

How did you prepare for this job?

In preparation for this role, I thoroughly read the AXA IM Impact Investing annual report and other publicly available materials from AXA IM related to impact and ESG. I also educated myself on key regulations and international standards and frameworks relevant to impact and ESG.

During the job interview process, I was required to prepare a case study, which involved extensive research on sustainable forestry management, the timber market in Africa, and climate change mitigation. I relied heavily on the resources and knowledge from my Sciences Po classes to complete this task effectively.

Additionally, my mentor played a crucial role, offering guidance on my job applications and providing thematic advice that helped me navigate the preparation process successfully.

What is the most fascinating part of your job? 

The most fascinating part of my job is discovering new and more effective solutions to address key social and environmental challenges. I am inspired by engaging with passionate and motivating individuals who have developed these innovative solutions, and I have the privilege of accompanying them on their journey to generate a positive impact on society and the planet.

How did your PSIA experience contribute to the position you hold today?

My experience at PSIA significantly contributed to the position I hold today. The courses I chose during my master's program were incredibly valuable, particularly those on Managing Energy Demand, Biodiversity Values and Policies, and Blended Finance for Water. Access to the network of students and professors from PSIA was also beneficial. However, building a solid network was challenging due to the pandemic, as most courses were conducted online.




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