Postdoctoral Researcher, INSEAD

Bio :

Dylan Glover holds a BA in Political Economy from UC Berkeley and Master’s degrees in Economics and Economics & Public Policy from Sciences Po and Ecole Polytechnique in France. He is currently completing his PhD in economics at Sciences Po with a focus on policy evaluation, labour and discrimination. Before pursuing his PhD, he joined the Paris School of Economics in 2007 as part of J-PAL Europe, a research lab which specialised in policy analysis using randomised controlled trials (RCT). He was a Research Manager on an RCT in Morocco that evaluated the impact of an entrepreneurial support programme provided to small businesses and rural cooperatives. His current projects involve studying the effects of discrimination on on-the-job productivity, the impacts of changing firm recruiting behaviour and the relationship between geographic mobility and unemployment.


Involved in project(s) / Research Group(s) :

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