Research Group Directors

Professor associate, LIEPP/OSC 
Director of LIEPP, Co-director of LIEPP "Discriminations and Social Inequalities" Research Group

Anne Revillard the director of LIEPP since august 2020. She is an associate professor of sociology, member of the Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC). Her research focuses on the interplay between law, policy/politics and the contemporary transformations of systems of inequality linked to gender and disability.


Director of the Educational Policies Research Group - LIEPP


-Social inequalities in education: the role of family background, gender and ethnicity 
-Labor market returns to education and the role of education for social mobility in dynamic and comparative perspective
-Experiments in educational research, educational policies and policy impact evaluation
-The validation of educational and occupational classifications for comparative social stratification research  


Codirector of the Health Policies Research Group - LIEPP.

Scientific coordinator of the Sciences Po-FNSP Health Studies Chair, co-director of the "Health" subject at the "Pres­ses" of Scien­ces Po.

Henri Bergeron is the director of the Health Policies Research Group of LIEPP, the co-director of the "Health Domain" of Sciences Po Press Relations and the scientific coordinator of the Health Chair of Sciences Po-FNSP.


Assistant Professor of Economics at Sciences Po 
Co-director of LIEPP "Evaluation of Democracy" Research Group

Co-director of LIEPP's "Evaluation of Democracy" reserach group since 2018, Julia Cagé is Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics (Sciences Po). She is also affiliated researcher at the Center for Economic Research and Policy Research (CEPR).


Professor of Economics at Université Paris 8, Vincennes-Saint Denis
Co-director of the LIEPP "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group

Clément Carbonnier is Co-Director of the LIEPP "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group. He is professor of Economics at Université Paris 8, Vincennes-Saint Denis, researcher at the Laboratoire d'économie Dyonisien (LED) and affiliated to the Chair in Taxation and Public Finance, University of Sherbrooke (Canada).


Assiate Professor of Political Science at CEE-Sciences Po
Co-director of LIEPP "Evaluation of Democracy" Research Group

Emiliano Grossman is associate professor of politics at Sciences Po, working at the Centre d'études européennes and the co-director of LIEPP's "Evaluation of Democracy" Research Group.


Researcher in political science at Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, Sciences Po

Director of The Environmental Policies Research Group of LIEPP

Charlotte Halpern est docteure en science politique, chercheure au Centre d’études européennes et de politique comparée de Sciences Po. Spécialiste de l’action publique comparée, ses travaux portent sur les transformations de l’action publique, analysées dans une perspective comparée, principalement en Europe (Royaume-Uni, France, Allemagne et Union européenne) et en Amérique du Sud (Pérou), et au croisement de trois perspectives : le Gouvernement et l’action publique, les conflits politiques et sociaux et l’évolution du rapport Etat-marché.


CNRS researcher in Economics  at the Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne
Co-director of LIEPP "Discriminations et politiques catégorielles" Research Group

Morgane Laouénan is a CNRS researcher  at the Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne. She is specialized in Labor Economics and Applied Microeconomics.  She was a junior researcher at LIEPP between December 2014 and december 2015 to manage a Research Group on Discriminations.


Assistant Professor in Political Science, LIEPP/CEE
Co-director of LIEPP "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group

Nathalie Morel joined LIEPP in September 2014 as an assistant professor in political sciences. Affiliated with the Centre d’Etudes Européennes since 2010 and with LIEPP since 2012, she is also co-director of the “Socio-fiscal Policies” Research Group at LIEPP.


Codirector of the Health Policies Research Group - LIEPP

Associate professor in economics at Université de Paris


Thomas Rapp is an associate professor at the Université de Paris, specialized in health economics, ageing economics, and health policy analysis. He is a former Harkness fellow in health policy and practice at Harvard (2015-2016) and health economist at the OECD (2017-2019). He has published over 50 articles, including publications in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals (Health Economics, Medical Care, Social Science and Medicine, JAMA open, etc.), book chapters, and research reports. Since 2016, he has been associate editor of the Value in Health Journal. In 2015, he created (and led until 2018) a masters’ degree in health economics at Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi. For the past 10 years, he has been participating in 9 research grants (sponsored by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche, the Commonwealth Fund of New York, the European Commission's Innovative Medicines Initiative program etc.) as principal investigator, co-PI, or work package leader.


Assistant Professor of Economics, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Co-director of "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group

Michaël Zemmour is a lecturer at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and co-director of LIEPP's "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group. His research focuses on the political economy of social state financing. His works explore three main directions:

i) The use of tax expenditures and social niches in social and employment policies in France and in Europe;

ii) the economic and political links between progressivity of the levies, the levy rates and redistribution;

(iii) the evolution of social contributions in the financing of social protection in Europe.


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