What is LIEPP?

A multidisciplinary research centre specialised in public policy evaluation

The laboratory for interdisciplinary evaluation of public policies (LIEPP) is an "excellence laboratory" (Labex), a title it has been granted by an international scientific jury appointed by the French National Research Agency (ANR). It is financed for ten years, within the framework of the "Investissements d'avenir", a national program of investment in promising research projects (ANR-11-LABX-0091 & ANR-11-IDEX-0005-02).

LIEPP aims to play a major role in evaluating various aspects of public policy through an innovative method based on multidisciplinarity and the combination of qualitative, comparative, and quantitative analysis. It also aims to develop and disseminate the best academic methods and research in the field of policy evaluation. First within the social sciences: to transform policy evaluation into a proper academic fundamental research field thanks to interdisciplinary collaboration, leading to the best research and publications. Second within the public administration and policy fields: to improve the quality of policy evaluation in France through the incorporation of best methods and practices.

LIEPP has become a central hub for social science research on policymaking and evaluation within Sciences Po, at the national level and at the international level. It brings together more than 100 Sciences Po researchers from various disciplines (economics, political science, sociology, but also law and history) and 80 external researchers from more than 60 different institutions of which 33% are abroad.

LIEPP develops activities in the academic, training and public spheres, in alliance with other academic partners. 

It produces significant research leading to high-level academic publications on evaluation methods and research, including fundamental research papers on causal identifications, causal mechanisms and various methodological issues raised by evaluations in economics, sociology, political science and comparative political economy. Since its creation, LIEPP has funded nearly 100 research projects, including two-thirds interdisciplinary.

LIEPP is raising future public policy leaders’ qualification in France on policy evaluation issues and methods by providing training on methods for the evaluation of public policy through teaching, lectures and professional training as well as by supporting the work of PhD candidates.

Alongside its research and training activities, LIEPP has established a network of non-academic partners with public institutions responsible for evaluations and public actors who request and use evaluations. Whether funding for research projects or regular collaborations around the organization of events, partnerships are developed in compliance with the charter of ethics, which assure the independence and the neutrality of the research done within the laboratory. 

To inform the public debate, LIEPP disseminates the results of its research through the organization of many different kind of events, most of which open to the general public, and through its own series of publications

Brochure of LIEPP
brochure liepp

To know more on the initial project:

Scientific project, Sciences Po - LIEPP, Interdisciplinary research center for the evaluation of public policies by Etienne Wasmer and Cornelia Woll.

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