Publications récentes / Recent publications

Directions d'ouvrages / Edited Books

Journal of Computational Social ScienceRAMACIOTTI MORALES, Pedro, COINTET, Jean-Philippe & FROIO, Caterina. Posters and protesters . Journal of Computational Social Science (2022).


Regulation PlanningRYDIN, Yvonne, BEAUREGARD, Robert, CREMASCHI, Marco, LIETO, Laura, eds. Regulation and Planning. Practices, Institutions, Agency. New York: Routledge, 2021. 234 p.


Ouvrages / Books

Ouvrage Action publique et environnementLASCOUMES, Pierre, Action publique et environnement, Que sais-je ?, PUF, 2022 (3e édition). 128p.



 Comment sortir de la violence ? : enjeux et limites de la justice     transitionnelle LEFRANC, Sandrine, Comment sortir de la violence ? : enjeux et limites de la justice transitionnelle, CNRS Edition. 2022. 478p. 



Government and OppositionFROIO, Caterina. The Rassemblement National and COVID-19: How Nativism, Authoritarianism and Expert Populism Did Not Pay Off during the Pandemic. Government and Opposition, 1-21.

Les mots qui fachentMAYER, Nonna, CORCUFF, Philippe, POLICAR, Alain. Les mots qui fâchent. Edition de l'aube, Monde en cours. 2022. 192p.


FAUCHER, Florence et TRUC, Gérôme. Facing Terrorism in France. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. 2022. 130 p.



Key Themes

What are the political effects of the changes in Europe’s economic and social systems? How are they reshaping the state, public action and representative democracy?

In order to answer these questions, CEE’s work is structured along four overlapping axes:

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