Economics at Sciences Po

Drawing of the Philips Hydraulic Computer MONIAC @Max Gschwind

The Department of Economics was created in 2009, when Sciences Po decided to create a new dynamic in economic research led by its permanent faculty, to "re-fundamentalize" the teaching of economics and to raise the international recognition of its research centers.

The evaluation of the Department of Economics in 2018 by the national evaluation agency (HCERES) highlights the fact that this ambitious policy has allowed the Department to climb "to the top of the world hierarchy".


In focus: our PhD

The academic year 2020/21 is winding down: it is a timely moment to celebrate our young doctors (read below) and our 1st year students who will be presenting their research for the first time June 11th.

But first, who are our PhD students ?

Interview with Sergeï GURIEV, Director of Doctoral studies in economics.

Sergeï Guriev

"Our students focus on topics of great importance to society, economics and politics..."


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