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The Health Policies research group, currently under development, aims to host research studying different aspects of the implementation of health and public health policies. Particular interest is given to organizational issues in public policy. Attention is also given to the digital revolution and the management of new health data.

This research group aims to report on the proliferation of evaluations of health policies and instruments, both nationally and internationally. The aim is to encourage a sensible and evidenced-based dialogue on practices and methods developed in France and abroad, particularly those within the University of Paris and at LIEPP. 

Researchers in this group represent different disciplines, including sociology and political science, but epidemiology and economics are also involved. The research work of the group thus contributes to collective reflection on the evaluation of public policies, alongside public and private institutions, associations and academic circles specialized in the analysis of health policies.

associated research projects 

Ongoing projects 

Acces to abortion and telemedicine abortion in France: a mixed-method study on why individuals resort to telemedical abortion over local abortion services in France (2020) 

Décision médicale pour autrui: évaluation du dispositif de la personne de confiance (2020) 

REF-SANTÉ - Évaluation de la réforme des études de santé (2020) 

Finisehd projects 

Philanthropic actors and palliative care

Evaluating the implementation of an anti-drug trafficking policy and of policies for the prevention and care of addictions

Philanthropic actors in France 

Évaluation des politiques publiques en matière de coordination des soins 

Entre aliments et médicaments. Régulation publique, stratégies industrielles et construction d’un marché interstitiel de la santé

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