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Axe Socio-fiscal large 2Social and employment policies in France mobilize different tax tools (exemptions from social contributions, tax credits, etc.). These socio-fiscal policies constitute an instrument with distinct properties from other instruments (direct expenditure, regulation).

Based on an original inventory of the existing devices, the "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group multiplies the points of view to eventually provide a complete, interdisciplinary and comparative evaluation of these devices, by treating the following questions: what are the cost and the efficiency of the different devices? What are the consequences in distributive terms? What determines the use of a socio-fiscal system? What is their contribution, sector by sector, to the organization of social action, public and private? What is the steering and governance of these devices?

Beyond this, the work of the research group opens up perspectives on the contribution of socio-fiscal policies to the long evolutionary dynamics of the welfare state as well as to the economic strategy in France.

Associated research projects : 

Ongoing projects

Dynamiques des bénéficiaires du RSA à Paris (2021) 

Colloque international - Des politiques sociales égalitaires ? Des principes à la réalité de l'exercice professionnel (2020) 

Trajectoires de pauvreté : profils, déterminants et conséquences. Perspectives française et européennes (TPFE)(2020)

Family Policies, Female Participation and inequalities (FaPoFePa) (2020) 

The World Politics of Social Investment (2015)

Which policies for the development of knowledge-intensive jobs in Europe (2017)

Childcare aspirations and inequalities in France (2019)

Politiques de défiscalisation (2019)

Male family careers: adapting to a new phenomenon (AXA Research Fund)

Finished projects

L'Etat des lieux des dépenses socio-fiscales

Evaluating the effect of fiscal and social exonerations policies on employment and social protection

Modèles nationaux de croissance et protection socialeSocio-fiscal policies and domestic work 

Une philanthropie à la française?

Interdisciplinary Evaluation of the Tax Credit for the Competitiveness and the Employment (Crédit d'impôt pour la Compétitivité et l'Emploi/CICE)

Social investment : which strategy for France ? 

L'argent des ménages dans les politiques publiques

Le pouvoir de transformation des politiques socio-fiscales

Research Project with EN3S: Redistributive Impact of the Socio-Fiscal Models of Social Welfare: An International Comparative Analysis

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