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Research Group: Evaluation of Democracy

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Presentation of the Evaluation of Democracy Research Group

(credits: Victor Velter / Shutterstotck)

The research group "Evaluation of Democracy" (EvalDem) aims to provide an interdisciplinary, comparative and innovative evaluation of the democratic character of the public policy production process. Its work is organised around two themes. 

The first, which focuses on democratic institutions and the way they operate, aims to assess the impact of institutional reforms and the development of democratic tools that can change the way citizens perceive and interact with institutions in general. It is particularly interested in issues of representation, electoral process, and political influence, notably via the media.

The second focuses on the place of citizens in the development of public policies. More specifically, it seeks to assess the extent to which citizens’ opinions are considered in the various stages of the public policy cycle: the definition of public policy issues, the development of public policies and their evaluation. Among these questions, a specific place is given to those linked to the development of participatory democracy and the articulation between experts, non-expert citizens, and political agenda. In addition, specific attention is being paid to the issue of evaluating citizens' preferences in all their diversity, from an interdisciplinary methodological perspective.

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Seminars of the research group

The Evaluation of Democracy research group organizes seminars open to all, presenting research work on various topics related to its research themes.

Find out more about the Evaluation of Democracy Seminars.

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Associated research projects

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