Summer Workshop June 25 & 26th, 2018

9th Summer Workshop in Macro-Finance

The event is co-sponsored by Sciences Po, the Banque de France, with the financial support from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013 Grant Agreement no. 336748) for Nicolas Cœurdacier's ERC project INFINHET.

Co-organizers : Nicolas Cœurdacier (Sciences Po), Gaetano Gaballo (Banque de France), and Cyril Monnet (U. Bern)

Program of the workshop

Program of the 9th Summer Macro-Finance Workshop (PDF, 316 Ko)

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Location: Amphitheater Erignac, SciencesPo, 13 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris.

9:00 Welcome and Coffee

09:30 Start of the workshop

Credit Markets and Asset Prices

09:30-10:30  Francois Geerolf (UCLA)

Asset Pricing without Risk Aversion

10:30-11:30 Gadi Barlevy (Chicago Fed)

On Interest Rate Policy and Asset Bubbles, joint with F. Allen and D. Gale

11:30  Coffee Break

11:45-12:45  Peter Kondor (LSE)

On the Origin of Core and Periphery Countries, joint with M. Farboodi

12:45-14:00 Buffet Lunch

Fiscal Policy

14:00-15:00  Axelle Ferriere (EUI)

The Heterogeneous Effects of Government Spending: It's All About Taxes, joint with Gaston Navarro

15:00-16:00  Sarolta Laczo (Queen Mary University)

Pareto-Improving Optimal Capital and Labor Taxes, joint with K. Greulich and A. Marcet

16:00  Coffee Break

19.30  Dinner

Location : La Petite Chaise, 36, rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Location : Amphitheater Erignac, SciencesPo, 13 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris.

Monetary Policy and Economic Fluctuations

09:30-10:30  Eric Mengus (HEC Paris)

Implicit Fiscal Guarantee for Monetary Stability, joint with G. Gaballo

10:30-11:30  Alp Simsek (MIT)

A Risk-Centric Model of Demand Recessions and Macroprudential Policy, joint with R. Caballero

11:30-11:45  Coffee Break

11:45-12:45  Claudio Michelacci (EIEF)

The extensive margin of aggregate consumption demand, joint with L. Paciello and A. Pozzi

12:45  Buffet Lunch 

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