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Post-Covid-19 Reconstruction and Biodiversity in Africa

Prof. Sébastien Treyer: European Environmental Policies

“Restrictions”, “trade-offs”, and “frustrations”: environmental politics can feel like an uphill battle. But there is ever reason to keep climbing! While we may not be able to transform our power plants overnight, we have the power to drive forward our institutions in the fight against climate change. Pause the glossy reports and press play on action: for Professor Sébastien Treyer, sustainable development can take many possible routes, and is full of promise.

Where are our graduates now?

The 2020 Graduate Employability Survey asked the Class of 2018 what they were up to now. Their responses reaffirm Sciences Po graduates’ attractivity on the job market, with 9 out of 10 graduates currently working. Amongst them, 86% landed a job less than 6 months after graduating, and ¾ of them in a permanent contract. More and more graduates work abroad (37%), and more and more report being satisfied with their jobs! Discover the full results of our survey below.

Key takeaways from a semester unlike any other

The 2019/2020 academic year has come to an end, and our students have experienced a semester unlike any other. What takeaways can we draw from this unprecedented period? How did this hurried switchover go over for students and teachers? The verdict that we are able to draw today shows a successful adjustment for the vast majority and provides useful lessons for the upcoming semester.