Embedding sustainability into a Luxury business model

Leçon inaugurale de l'École de journalisme par Marion Van Renterghem

The impossible definition of Luxury

Animal Rights: slow but definite progress

To mark International Animal Rights Day 2018, we take a look back over an interview with Regis Bismuth, professor at the Sciences Po Law School and co-editor of Sensibilité animale. Perspectives juridiques (CNRS Editions)* for an overview of advances in animal rights.

Volunteer Work at the Heart of the Community

Since 2018, Sciences Po requires all of its undergraduate students to participate in the Civic Learning Programme, a compulsory civic engagement over the three years of the Bachelor’s degree. This programme offers them the chance to learn and understand citizenship and social responsibility through a community internship. Iin this video, two students share their testimonies about their internships and how they have benefited them.