Crise de la Covid-19 et fractures numériques en France

Covid-19 : la science dans la crise

Le gouvernement, l'interministériel de la crise

A Conversation on Political Theory

Astrid von Busekist and Michael Walzer's book Justice is Steady Work is now published! (The French edition, Penser la justice. Itinéraire du savoir was released in early 2020). This book is a conversation between two thinkers on some of the main themes explored by Michael Walzer throughout his career. Astrid von Busekist, Professor of Political Theory at Sciences Po, answered our questions and presented this thought-provoking dialogue.

Student Mobility, or Acquiring Cultural Fluency

CIVICA - The European University of Social Sciences fosters exchange and cooperation between its eight member institutions, on all levels. This ambitious initiative enables member institutions to advance their common mission of education and research in the social sciences in order to multiply opportunities for students and best prepare the next generation of citizens to build a common future across frontiers.