Make it Work: Sciences Po's initiative for climate

Make it Work: Sciences Po's initiative for climate

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Inaugural Lesson of the Paris School of International Affairs

Paul Smith: From Bike Accident to Global Business

China’s financial system on the brink

Reims students will now study in the Dean Awn Library

Energetic. Supportive. Eccentric. Intellectual. Non-traditional. Witty. Brilliant. Passionate. When colleagues and alumni are asked to describe the late Dean Emeritus Peter J. Awn of the Columbia University School of General Studies, adjectives begin to flow. As of September 2019, his name will adorn the state-of-the-art library of our Reims campus.

Freedom for Fariba Adelkhah

Our colleague and friend, anthropologist Fariba Adelkhah, was arrested in Iran in early June 2019. A specialist in Iranian sociology, Adelkhah has been Director of Research at Sciences Po’s Centre for International Research (CERI) since 1993. Despite continued efforts on the part of this institution and the French authorities, Fariba Adelkhah remains in incarceration today.

“It’s no longer a question of ecology, but of civilisation”

"One of a kind and indispensable": these are the terms FNSP President Olivier Duhamel used to welcome Bruno Latour to the podium of the Boutmy amphitheatre. Latour, the celebrated philosopher and anthropologist, proceeded to deliver a powerful speech on the environmental crisis. How can we measure the change our planet is undergoing, and how can we respond to it? Here is a key moment of this year's back-to-school season of inaugural lectures centred around climate and ecology.

"There is no neutrality in journalism - but there is honesty!"

"She represents what is best and most indestructible about the journalist profession", declared Dean Bruno Patino in his introduction of Marion Van Renterghem, the special guest at the inaugural lecture of the School of Journalism. "Take your time"; "cultivate honesty and make facts your religion"; these were just some of the pieces of advice she offered to those hoping to follow this '’slightly crazy" career in a world that loves to hate the press.