Interested in Sciences Po's programmes? Follow our live Q&A sessions

Interested in Sciences Po's programmes? Follow our live Q&A sessions

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Translations of scientific findings for responsive environmental policies

L'affaire du siècle, en questions !

Can a Green New Deal Save Life on Earth?

Erasmus Days: Sciences Po in Europe and beyond

This year, 512 Sciences Po students participated in an Erasmus+ programme, while 650 students came to the university for their Erasmus+ in 2018-2019. Sciences Po not only actively participates in Erasmus+ programmes by sending and receiving large numbers of students each year, but also takes part in a multitude of initiatives to build a stronger and more unified Europe in terms of education and mobility.

Independence of Mind and A Forthright Tone

“In French, we would say Gérard Araud est très cash”, concluded Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po, towards the end of his introduction of the experienced diplomat. The phrase referred to the former Ambassador’s famously blunt honesty, which is something that made him a uniquely insightful guest at the conference that took place on the occasion of the launch of his memoirs, titled Diplomatic Passport: 40 Years at the Quai d’Orsay (FR). Organised by the Paris School of International Affairs, the event allowed students to have their most pressing questions about diplomacy and international relations answered by a man whose career as a diplomat spanned nearly four decades.

Student and parent: combining the two

Sciences Po is proud to have been one of ten academic institutions selected by UN Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, to act as a “HeforShe Champion”. As part of the annual HeforShe Summit on 26 September 2018, Director Frédéric Mion discussed the actions taken by Sciences Po to advance gender equality, specifically work accomplished by the university on the question of parenthood. We share the inspiring story of one of our female students: Camille Viros, graduate of the Class of 2018, and mother of three children.