Jan maria willem RITZEN (Graduated in 2019)

Jan maria willem RITZEN (Graduated in 2019)

From the One year after the master's degree in Corporate Strategy, Investment Banking Analyst at Kempten & Co
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Before moving to Paris to join the master in corporate strategy at Sciences Po, I stayed at several places during my university education. I believe that having a Dutch father and a Belgian mother sparked my curiosity, leading me to explore my talents and other cultures. I moved to Leuven to pursue a Master’s degree in law and later also philosophy. Meanwhile, I have spent my summers in e.a. the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and at Harvard University in the U.S. Before joining the master program, I also interned at Deloitte and Allen & Overy.

The wisdom of starting with the end in mind to gain insight in decision making processes of companies and the essential collaboration between the academic and professional world is more relevant than ever. On an individual level people are burning out, and on a collective level we are burning up the planet. So, the emphasis on self-renewal and the understanding that leadership and creativity require us to tap into our own resources are exactly what we need right now. I believe the integrated approach of Sciences Po between academics and the professional upholds this wisdom. The master in corporate strategy at Sciences Po gave the best immersive educational experience available, grounded in real-life business cases, in order to continue my career in the financial industry.

I am currently working as a financial professional within an investment bank in Amsterdam. Even before graduation at Sciences Po, I had secured offers from several investment banks. Kempen & Co Merchant Bank stood out because of its niche approach in Biotech and Real Estate and the highly attractive city where it is based, Amsterdam! As I experience now, my background from Sciences Po provides me with the perfect foundation to grow as a young graduate within Kempen & Co.

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