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Master communications, Media and Creative Industries

Section #objectif
Section #objectifs

Objectives of the Master in Communications, Media and Creative Industries

The Master's in Communication, Media, and Creative Industries trains future managers in the field of communication, media, and creative industries, providing in-depth and specialized education to students interested in pursuing careers in:

  • Communication agencies (advertising agencies, design agencies, digital agencies, corporate communication, PR agencies...) 
  • Corporate communication departments in companies or institutions 
  • Media platforms and audiovisual production 
  • Creative industries (film, video games, music, performing arts, publishing...) 

The program strikes a crucial balance between academic knowledge and professionalization. It aims to impart students with fundamental social sciences knowledge to develop critical and analytical thinking, as well as practical knowledge and operational skills to enable them to start their careers immediately after graduating.

A French track "Communications, médias et industries creatives" is also available, taking into account the specificities of the French job market.

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Master's programme in Communications, Media and Creative Industries

The program is designed with a progressive logic. Throughout the Master's curriculum, courses and workshops develop professional and practical skills that can be immediately applied in the professional environment. These courses cover various areas, including:

  • Communication (digital strategy, influence, responsible and impactful PR)
  • Digital marketing, influencer marketing, and social media
  • Corporate communication and brand strategy (branding)
  • Content creation strategy
  • Creative and artistic direction (design thinking, design software, creative methodologies, etc.)
  • Opinion measurement
  • Media landscape knowledge (traditional and digital media)
  • Sociology
  • Rhetoric
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Project management
  • Languages

The first year focuses on acquiring the fundamentals. In the first semester, there are interdisciplinary courses in social sciences and management, as well as core subjects related to the sector (media landscape, opinion, media economics, etc.). In the second semester, students also take courses related to the fundamental aspects of the professions and can start shaping their projects through elective courses.

Students have the option to take a gap year between the two years of the Master's program to refine their career goals or to complement their academic journey with a semester at a partner institution (especially in creative schools in France or internationally recognized universities).

The second year is dedicated to implementing the acquired knowledge, allowing students to specialize through a wide range of elective courses. They can choose to specialize in brand communication, public and private organizational communication, or in the field of media and creative industries (film, TV series, video games, new creative writing formats, etc.). During this year of specialization, students work extensively on practical scenarios and real-life case studies.

Additionally, students have the choice between:

  • Six months of coursework at Sciences Po, followed by a six-month end-of-studies internship.
  • One year of apprenticeship in a company, combining work experience with academic learning.

Please note that the possibility of completing the second year of this Master's program through an apprenticeship is open to any student under 30 years old who has had prior professional experience of at least 6 months full-time (internship or job), whether it occurred before entering the Master's program or during the Master's program itself (gap year).

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The Sciences Po Master’s programme in Communication, Media and Creative Industries is taking place on the Paris campus.

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Please note that a minimum C1 level in French is required by most French employers, in order to find internships or jobs in France. Thus, to be sure to reach this level C1 at the time of graduation, it is strongly recommended that candidates wishing to apply already  have a minimum level in French (A1 or A2).

Know more about the admission procedures of the Master in Communication, Media and Creative Industries.

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Career opportunities in Communications, Media and Creative Industries

Studying communication, media, and creative industries at Sciences Po offers a unique training program that successfully provides career opportunities in various companies within the communication and creative industries, both in France and internationally.

This program enables graduates to pursue numerous professions in diverse fields. Here are some examples:

  • Communication Manager / Communication Officer
  • Company / Brand Spokesperson
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • New Business Manager
  • Advertising Agency Consultant
  • Media Researcher
  • Producer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Media Strategy Consultant
  • Production Manager
  • Influencer
  • Event Project Manager
  • Screenwriter, Writing Coordinator/Showrunner
  • Music Label Project Manager
  • Line Designer
  • UX Designer

A wide range of companies are interested in hiring graduates from this Master's program, including Amazon, Banijay, BETC, Canal+, DDB, Dior, Disney, Google, Havas, L'Oréal, LVMH, M6, McCann, Netflix, Publicis, Sony Pictures, Ubisoft, Universal Music, Vivendi, and many more.

Throughout their education, students benefit from the School's connections with the professional world. The faculty includes numerous industry professionals, and there is an engaged network of alumni supporting the students. Students are prepared for the job market through career-oriented meetings, company visits, and other professional development activities.

Nearly 90% of graduates find their first job within six months after completing their degree (based on the 2020 survey).

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Alumni testimonial

“This apprendiceship opened a lot of doors for me and gives me a much wider choice of options for the future!” Read the full interview.

Anmol Prithani

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  • Program Director: Florence Danton
  • Scientific Director: Dominique Cardon
  • Academic assistant (1st year): Valérie Vlacci - Tél. : +33 (0)1 45 49 54 25
  • Academic assistant (2nd year): Manel Hassine - Phone: +33 (0)1 45 49 83 94

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