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Master in Marketing and Society

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Objectives Of The Master's Degree In Marketing And Society

The Master's Degree in Marketing and Society aims to train future managers in the field of marketing with a responsible approach rooted in a deep understanding of society and its developments.

Students acquire advanced professional skills and receive training in analysing the dynamics of technological, socio-economic, and ecological transformations. As young professionals, they will be able to envision value propositions for companies and their clients while seeking to have a positive impact in numerous sectors, including:

  • Fast-moving consumer goods: food, beauty, fashion, wines and spirits... 
  • Creative, cultural, and entertainment industries 
  • Market research and polling institutes 
  • Consulting firms of Digital and Tech 
  • Information and communication technologies 
  • Healthcare sector
  • Banking and financial sector 
  • Tourism and hospitality industry 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Energy and environment 

The program is immediately geared towards professional development and strongly connected to the daily reality of businesses. It also places significant importance on social sciences, taking a forward-looking perspective on the role of marketing: a reflective marketing approach towards its own practices, in line with companies and institutions whose missions are redefined by CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

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Programme Of The Master's Degree In Marketing And Society

The program is designed in a progressive manner, with the first year dedicated to acquiring fundamentals and courses in the humanities to enhance critical thinking.

In the first semester, students take cross-disciplinary courses in:

  • Business strategy,
  • Marketing: foundations and financial aspects of marketing, statistics for marketing, sociology of marketing, etc.,
  • Creativity: design thinking and problem-solving methods,
  • Humanities and social sciences,
  • Programming.

These courses provide students with the necessary foundation to choose their specialisation.

In the second semester, students continue with the courses from the first semester, further developing their marketing skills, and take specialized courses on current and emerging practices in the field, such as international marketing, B2B marketing, digital marketing and social media, marketing for NGOs, marketing law, etc.

Throughout the year, practical cases and workshops are implemented to help students develop professional skills. They also have the opportunity to take a gap year to gain professional experience, refine their career goals, or enhance their academic journey at an international partner university.

The second year of the Master's program directly prepares students for entry into the job market through elective courses, particularly focused on data and digital topics, as well as through practical simulations and business cases. Events and shared courses with the Master's program in Marketing: New Luxury & Art de Vivre provide exposure to the luxury sector.

In the second year, students have the choice between:

  • Six months of courses at Sciences Po followed by a six-month end-of-studies internship.
  • A year of apprenticeship: two days of courses and three days of work experience in a company during the first six months, followed by one day of courses every two weeks, along with the completion of an apprenticeship thesis.
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The Sciences Po Master’s programme in Marketing is taking place on the Paris campus.

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Career Opportunities In Marketing

The Master's Degree in Marketing and Society effectively prepares students for various careers in strategic and operational marketing, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, consulting, market research, luxury marketing, associative marketing, cultural and public marketing, offering diverse job prospects.

Here are some examples of professions:

  • Product Manager / Category Manager 
  • Marketing Director and Project Manager 
  • Strategic Marketing Manager 
  • Operational Marketing Project Manager 
  • International Marketing Manager 
  • Merchandising Project Manager 
  • Retail Manager 
  • E-commerce Officer 
  • Marketing Analyst 
  • Marketing Researcher 
  • CRM Manager 
  • Relationship Marketing Manager 
  • Digital Marketing / Web Marketing Specialist 
  • Marketing and Strategy Consultant 

93% of our graduates find employment within six months of graduation (based on the 2018 cohort).

Throughout their education, students benefit from the school's close ties to the professional world, with a teaching staff consisting primarily of top professionals and industry partnerships. Career events and company visits help students prepare for their future careers.

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