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Master in HR & Sustainable Governance

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Masters's Objectives in HR & Sustainable Governance

The objectives of the Master's in HR & Sustainable Governance are to provide a multidisciplinary and professionalising education. It is intended for students who wish to pursue careers in human resources and the responsible and sustainable transformation of organisations.

In a world of work disrupted by economic, societal, and environmental changes, the HR and transformation function (increasingly intertwined) is called upon to position itself as a key player in digital and ecological transitions: organisational digitalisation, evolving professions and skills, talent recruitment and retention, work hybridization and new ways of working, diversity, equity and inclusion, gender equality, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), duty of care, health and quality of work life, sense of work, social dialogue, value sharing, employee engagement.

This program aims to train graduates capable of understanding organisational complexity, designing and implementing HR policies, mobilizing employees and stakeholders, and contributing to the sustainable governance of companies.

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Pedagogy of the Master's programme in Human Resources Management and Sustainable Governance

Our project is built upon three commitments that enable students to develop strong analytical skills, methodological rigour, and critical thinking, which are essential for comprehending the complexity of sustainable and responsible governance issues and acting as informed and innovative agents of corporate transformations.

  • Multidisciplinary (law, economics, sociology of organisations, work and organizational psychology) and dialogue between the social sciences and professional teachings;
  • "Learning by doing" pedagogy: a pedagogical approach that empowers students to engage in innovative projects in partnership with companies, allowing them to develop practical knowledge, cross-cutting skills, and creativity;
  • Professionalisation through M2 apprenticeship: providing students with guidance from the pedagogical team, the community of pedagogical tutors, and the HR alumni group from Sciences Po.
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Human Resources Management And Sustainable Governance Training Programme

The master's program is divided into two years, with the second year being mandatory apprenticeship.

First year:

  • Acquisition of fundamental management, HR, and social science's knowledge through a wide range of common core courses offered in all master's programs.
  • Pedagogical journey "from knowledge to action" based on teachings in organisational sociology, equipping students to design and implement strategic management of transformations.
  • Partnership projects with companies and public or private organisations (HR Innovation in Semester 1, Sociological Survey in Semester 2, and the HR Book Prize organized by the partnership between Sciences Po and Le Monde).

The specific courses in the Master's program allow students to acquire skills in:

  • Human resource management
  • Talent acquisition (recruitment management)
  • Compensation and competency management
  • Labour market economics
  • Labour law
  • HR innovation
  • Negotiation and social dialogue
  • Corporate strategy
  • Sociology

Second year (achieved through apprenticeship):

The curriculum revolves around specialization courses in human resources and teachings on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provided by researchers who aim to develop students' reflexivity on governance and management issues.

  • Organisation, governance, and change management: work psychology, ethics, and governance related to human resource management
  • Corporate social responsibility: work transformation, psychological health at work, CSR and diversity
  • Human resources, data, decision, and strategy: HR statistics, social transformation, international human resources strategy, HR information systems
  • Social dialogue and collective bargaining.

This second year is closely linked with the Center for Sociology of Organisations, the Chair for Organisational and Work Transformations (currently being established), the Lab RH, and the University of Montreal.

Students have the opportunity to take a gap year between the two years of the master's program, consisting of two internships or a semester at a partner university to enhance their international academic experience, along with an internship.

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The Sciences Po Master’s HR and Sustainable Governance is taking place on the Paris campus.

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Know more about the admission procedures of the Master HR and Sustainable Governance.

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Career Opportunities In Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr), And Consulting

Students of this master's program complete their apprenticeship and are subsequently employed in a wide range of companies, from startups to multinational corporations, spanning various sectors.

Accenture, ADP, Air Liquide, Axa, Canal+, Club Med, Conviction RH, Crédit Agricole, Danone, Dassault Systèmes, Doctolib, E&Y, Forvia, Guerlain, L'Oréal, Michelin, Naval Group, Pernod Ricard, Plein Sens, PwC, Roland Berger, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, TF1, Ubisoft, Welcome to the Jungle...

Nearly 80% (2020 survey) of graduates find employment before or within three months after completing their degree. They hold positions in various HR and CSR functions in France and internationally, as well as in HR consulting, organizational consulting, and change management.

Here are some examples of positions held by alumni:

  • HR Director/Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Talent Manager
  • Diversity Manager
  • International Mobility Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Regional/Sector HR Business Partner
  • Recruitment Manager/Officer
  • Organisation and Change Management Consultant
  • Managerial Skills Development Consultant
  • Recruitment Research Officer
  • Evaluation and Prevention of Occupational Risks Consultant
  • Diversity Mission Officer
  • CSR Project Officer
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