Claire Montialoux

Assistant Professor

CNRS, Faculty Affiliate at Opportunity-Lab & IRLE (UC Berkeley)

Claire MONTIALOUX is a CNRS Assistant Professor. She joined the Department in 2023. She has been Assistant Professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy of the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) since 2019 (currently on leave), after completing her PhD at Crest-ENSAE. She is a Faculty Affiliate at the Opportunity Lab (UC Berkeley) as well as at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment - IRLE (UC Berkeley).

She is a labour economist studying how labour market policies and institutions affect wage inequality, in a global and historical perspective.

Her research has already garnered important recognition: her PhD dissertation was awarded the W.E. Upjohn Institute Award in 2020, and both the Opportunity Lab and IRLE bestowed on her awards in 2020 and 2022. She was given a substantial WorkRise grant by the Urban Institute for her project with Ellora Derenoncourt How Does Federal and State Wage and Employment Policy Shape Racial Disparities in Earnings and Economic Mobility?

Claire Montialoux holds a PhD in Economics from CREST as well as an MSc from ENSAE ParisTech in Economics and Statistics and from the Paris School of Economics in Economic Policy Analysis.

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Research Areas

Labour, Public Finance, Development, Economic History


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