10 Reasons to Study in Reims

10 Reasons to Study in Reims

Discover the largest of the undergraduate campuses
  • Students in the church yard ©Paul Rentler / Sciences PoStudents in the church yard ©Paul Rentler / Sciences Po

After having learned that one could study at Sciences Po while being outside of Paris, most high schoolers ask themselves THE fateful question: what differences are there between the seven different campuses of the undergraduate college? And how does one choose between the cities of Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers or Reims? Learn more about the ‘champagne campus’ and discover its solid arguments.

1. The "Harry Potter campus"

The regional campuses of Sciences Po are all situated on historic and architecturally exceptional sites. Inaugurated in 2010, the campus in Reims is one of the most beautiful examples: constructed in the 17th century, the former Jesuit College (fr.) has since renewed its vocation as a place of instruction. From the arches of the old kitchens to the stained-glass windows and paintings, and passing through the courtyards dotted with trees and century-old vines, the location finds itself somewhere between Oxford and the Sorbonne. Magnificently restored, the campus offers students both the beauty of a historic monument, and the technology and modernity necessary for contemporary students. Our favourite feature: the woodwork and baroque gilts of the old Jesuit library, transformed into a study room, that could easily serve as the background of a scene from Harry Potter.

2. The advantages of a Large City...

Blessed with an immense architectural heritage, the ‘City of Kings’ - it was in Reims that the sovereigns of the Ancien Regime would be crowned - is well-known thanks to its 13th century cathedral, and is home to three UNESCO world heritage sites.

Designated ‘The City of Art and History’, it plays host to a rich cultural life, with an opera house and multiple music festivals. Reims is the 12th most populated French city with nearly 200,000 inhabitants; thus the services and amenities necessary for a rich student life, including festive and athletic events are certainly available. Last but not least, Paris is only a 45 minute train ride away by TGV, allowing students to easily benefit from the endless possibilities offered by the capital, and opportunities to attend the events and conferences organised on the Paris campus.

3. ...Without the Inconveniences!

The living conditions in Reims are easier than those of Paris, notably due to considerably cheaper housing options available by the CROUS and other student residences. Many of these are located within a five minute walk from campus. Less expensive, daily life is also less stressful with shorter transits and an easy access to activities, leisure and services. Idem at the campus level: second largest campus in size, after the Paris campus, it hosts more than 1,400 students. A community of an ideal size, simultaneously nurturing exchange and cohesion.

4. A Passion for Student Life and Associations

Exchange and cohesion are built via a rich community life, which accentuates the rhythm of the campus year-round. More than 30 associations allow students to follow their passion in various domains such as art, culture, athletics, debate and politics, education, the environment, the world, health, solidarity, the fight against discrimination, etc… The spirit of the campus is particularly present during the Sciences Po Collegiades, the inter-campus sporting and artistic competition of the Undergraduate College.

5. A True MElting Pot

More than half of the students at our campus in Reims are international students, coming from over 50 different nationalities, with the United States strongly represented. The programmes are taught in both English and French, the two official languages of the campus that all students master by the end of their bachelor’s degree. Hence the presence of the most reputed anglophone professors in their respective domains. Faithful to the North-American culture, the classes are very interactive and are based on the Anglo-Saxon academic model.

The campus of Sciences Po in Reims is thus a unique opportunity to meet and befriend people with different backgrounds and experiences, to practice and learn foreign languages - from Spanish to Swahili to Arabic - and to have a very international daily life.

6. A Historic Programme Dedicated to the United States...

“Sciences Po with an American twist!” Since its inauguration in 2010, the Reims campus has hosted the “Euro-American” programme of the bachelor’s degree. What are the differences between the French and American legal systems? Why has the United States only had one constitution since the end of the 18th century? In this programme taught entirely in English, students explore transatlantic relations with a comparative approach of institutions, law, foreign policy, and their contemporary issues.

7. ...Not to Mention a New Programme Focusing on Africa

In 2015, Reims became the only campus to offer a second regional specialisation with the arrival of the Euro-African programme. Within the scope of this French-taught curriculum, students explore the history of the African continent as well as the democratic, demographic, environmental, economic and urban issues and the conflicts linked to them. Some examples of courses are: “Uses and Practices in History in Sub-Saharan Africa (19th-21st century), “Conducting Negotiations at the International Level: Europe and Africa”, and “Could the Solutions Implemented in Canada Against Poverty Be Effective in Africa?” (all in French). The coexistence of these two programmes leads to the development of interesting and diverse comparative perspectives.

8. Plus Six Times Two: the Vast Choice of Dual-Degree Programmes

Another specificity: Reims is the only undergraduate college campus that gives access to six of the nine bachelor’s dual degree programmes. These four-year programmes consist of two years of studies in Reims and another two years spent at the partner university. This is an exceptional experience that facilitates access to career opportunities in France and abroad.

The undergraduate dual-degree programmes offered in Reims are with the following partner universities:

  • Columbia University (New York, USA)
  • University of California Berkeley (USA)
  • University of Hong Kong
  • National University of Singapore (NUS, Singapore)
  • University of British Columbia (UBC, Vancouver, Canada)
  • University of Sydney (Australia)

9. Many Different Possibilities, One Single Degree

As is the case for all the campuses of Sciences Po, professors of all specialties and from different countries allow for the study of the fundamental subjects of Sciences Po: law, economics, history, sociology, political science and the humanities. This is the heart of the multidisciplinary education in the social sciences and humanities that is taught on each campus. No matter the choice of the regional specialisation, in Reims or elsewhere, students belong to the one and only Undergraduate College, and study to obtain the same bachelor’s degree.

10. A Ticket to the World (and to Paris)

Like all their undergraduate classmates, students at the Reims campus all spend the third year of their programme abroad at one of our 470 partner universities. And once they receive their degrees, all students have the opportunity to catch up with each other in Paris while following one of our 27 master’s degree programmes or 47 dual master’s programmes, all taught on our Parisian campus in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the heart of the capital.

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