Certificate in International Affairs & Strategy

Certificate Overview

The International Affairs & Strategy (IAS) is one-semester program (6 courses and 30 credits) focused on contemporary issues in international relations. It is made up of two core common seminars, two courses from the IAS program, one French language course, an elective of their choice, and the Orientation week.

This certificate focused on analysis of today's world in all its aspects. The presence of the Euro-American and Euro-Africa Programs enabled the campus of Reims to offer a wide-range of courses specialized on these regions as part of the IAS certificate.

In addition, it is a multidisciplinary program. Courses offered for the certificate approach international issues from a broad range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives, including Political Science, Law, Economics, History, Health, and Geopolitics.

The IAS certificate gathered a dynamic group of international students (more than 70 students, 20 countries, and 5 continents in 2015/16). Most of courses are taught in English, but the IAS certificate can be validated in French as well.

Skill development

  • The ability to conduct transversal analysis of contemporary international issues
  • The ability to study in a multicultural environment
  • To develop a thorough understanding of the roles of states, societies, cultures, and non-state actors in world politics
  • To acquire a strong background in social science methodology
  • To learn to speak and write at an academic level in English and/or French


The IAS certificate is for two profiles of students :

  • those who seek to specialize in international relations, particularly with the aim of pursuing a master degree in this field.
  • those who seek to add an international dimension to their primary field of study.

Courses taught in recent semesters

  • Introduction to World Politics
  • The Political Economy of the Welfare State
  • International Politics of Climate Change
  • Social Movements and Political Change in the Middle-East
  • Geopolitics of Religion
  • The Global Cold War
  • Migrations between Europe and Africa
  • The Changing Role of Non-State Actors in International Affairs
  • Introduction to Cultural Diplomacy
  • Géopolitique, vers la construction de nouveaux espaces politiques modernes ?
  • Introduction à l'Islam: Religion & Civilisation
  • Démocratie et totalitarisme
  • Traite européenne, esclavage et abolition

Consult our course catalog for Spring Semester.

How to Apply?

The Certificate in International Affairs & Strategy is open to all students attending Sciences Po in an exchange program in Reims.

Applications should be submitted through the international office of your home university.

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