Educational goals & tools

A global approach to the study of contemporary issues

Grounded in the knowledge and methods of law, economics, history, political humanities, political science and sociology, the Undergraduate College programme enables students to grasp the development of contemporary societies through time and space and equips them with the skills they need to think critically and act ethically.

The curriculum is designed as a three-year path toward academic depth, intellectual maturity and personal accomplishment, in France for the first two years and abroad in third year.

Through the undergraduate programme, we seek to educate enlightened, inventive citizens who will contribute to the common good in a global world.

Acquiring skills through active learning

Learning objectives are divided into three types of skills which are essential for any further study, future career, and life in international society:

To consolidate students' knowledge acquisition, the Undergraduate College uses an active learning approach that places value on personal study, collective intelligence, imagination and taking responsibility. In complement to the courses delivered by faculty and practitioners, field experience is encouraged through study trips, internships, simulations, group projects, and student clubs and organisations.  

The diversity of these experiences (off campus, remotely, in groups, in several languages and in a multicultural context) enriches the programmes and helps develop students' adaptability and sense of initiative.

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