The pursuit of graduate studies requires the conferral of an undergraduate diploma, and the obtention of the Bachelor of Arts is contingent on successfully completing the third year abroad.

Study abroad (two semesters)

  • Validate the equivalent of 60 ECTS credits through academic coursework;
  • Submit and validate the study abroad report (rapport de séjour). This document, graded on a pass-fail basis, is mandatory;
  • Validate the major requirements.

Hybrid year

  • Validate the equivalent of 30 ECTS credits through academic coursework and 30 ECTS credits through the internship semester;
  • Submit a study abroad report;
  • Submit an internship report and an assessment form.

See conditions of the internship evaluation.

Regarding the validation of the regional concentration

In addition to the mention of the major, the regional concentration will appear on the Bachelor of Arts diploma for those students having met its requirements.

The successful completion of the regional concentration requires the following conditions:

  • The student whose third year abroad is spent in the region of focus of his or her campus automatically validates the specialization. No additional academic requirements are necessary.
  • The student opting to study outside of the region of focus of his or her campus must validate two courses during the third year relating to their campus’ region (only one of which may be a language course). Sciences Po does guarantees neither the availability of, nor a registration in, such classes at its partner institutions.
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