Presentation of the centre

Headed by Florence Haegel since September 2016, Sciences Po’s Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (UMR 8239) is a multidisciplinary research unit specialising in comparative political analysis.

The key research domains are grouped around four main overlapping research axes:

CEE is now home to more than 30 senior researchers (FNSP, CNRS, university professors), some 45 PhD candidates and recent PhD recipients and 30 research associates, from both France and abroad. CEE also regularly hosts well-known guest researchers, postdocs and PhD candidates for periods ranging from one month to one year.

Openness to the international scientific community is one of CEE’s key qualities. Most of its research projects include an international and/or comparative dimension and their results are often published in international journals or translated into foreign languages. CEE’s researchers belong to networks that include multinational teams. CEE also maintains long-standing partnerships with research institutions abroad.

CEE’s research projects include the organisation of scientific events and are the springboard for numerous publications. CEE publishes a series of online working papers: Cahiers européens de Sciences Po.

Since research without transmission is sterile, the teaching, training and support of young researchers is a key CEE objective and its researchers are strongly involved in Sciences Po’s teaching programmes at all levels. They are affiliated with four Sciences Po departments (political science, sociology, law and history), as well as with École des affaires internationales (PSIA – School of International Affairs), École urbaine (School of Urban Affairs) and École d’affaires publiques (School of Public Affairs).

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