Florence Haegel

Full Professor of Political Science

Florence Haegel is Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po. Former Head of the Department of Political Science, she has been the head of the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics and is member of the MaxPo Joint Council since September 2019.

Her research focuses on political parties, politicisation, political socialisation and participation. Her work on political parties deals more specifically with the transformation of the French right (Haegel, Les droites en fusion, 2012).She recently published Back to Basics. Revenir aux rétributions professionnelles du militantisme pour comprendre les partis contemporains with Carole Bachelot.

She has approached the issue of politicisation in complementary ways. She has addressed both the question of political socialisation (Political Socialisation: Out of Purgatory?, 2021) and political discourse. More specifically, she has compared how French, Belgian and British citizens talk about Europe (Duchesne, Frazer, Haegel, Van Ingelgom, Citizens’ Reaction to European Integration. Overlooking Europe, 2013).  

She is currently working on the participation of precarious people within associations (PICRI project on “Precariousness, Participation, Politics”). In terms of methodology, she is an expert on the scientific use of focus groups (Duchesne, Haegel, Les entretiens collectifs, 2004). 

Florence Haegel teaches at Sciences Po in the Doctoral School’s Resarch Masters Programme (in Comparative Politics). She teaches “Introduction to Political Science” for college-level students. 

She is a member of the editorial board of the French Review of Political Science (RFSP) and a member of the board of the French Political Sciences Association (AFSP).

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Research Topics

Political parties and the party system; the transformation of the parties of the right; socialisation, political talk participation; citizens’ attitudes to Europe; focus groups.

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