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Research Teaching

Doing a PhD at Sciences Po’s Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics: Teaching research by research through membership of the CEE team.

The Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics assigns an important place in its research arrangements to its PhD candidates.

It is crucial to CEE’s activities, to its cohesion and its reputation, that PhD researchers should be integrated as fully as possible into the life of the Centre, both institutionally and academically.

PhD process and thesis preparation

  • Workspace on CEE premises (shared offices and access to logistical resources)
  • Organisation of joint doctoral seminars with partner universities
  • Support for research trips abroad (invitation to partner institutions)
  • Support for field research in France or abroad (travel for interviews, access to software or databases, etc.)

Scientific activities

  • Support for participation in scientific events in France and abroad (symposiums, conferences, seminars, workshops)
  • Support with the organisation of scientific events by PhD candidates themselves
  • Involvement and participation in all scientific activities organised within the CEE framework

Monitoring and support structures

  • PhD managers (members of the research team who act as special contacts for PhD candidates)
  • PhD Monitoring Committee (regular monitoring of thesis progress and liaison with the Graduate School)
  • Personalised Support Group (membership linked with each PhD candidate’s research topics)
  • CEE PhD Candidate Charter (reciprocal undertaking by the Centre and PhD candidates)
  • PhD candidates are represented in the Centre’s decision-making bodies

Career support and research dissemination

Membership of the academic community in France and around the world:

  • Training in the methods of the social sciences
  • Support with publication (including editing for publication in English)
  • Possibilities of publication in the Cahiers européens
  • Presentation and dissemination of ongoing and completed theses
  • Teaching and/or tutorials
  • Organisation of interview rehearsals, pooling of information
  • Assistance with responses to calls for proposals

Preparation for non academic career outlets

  • CIFRE agreement
  • Professional networks

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