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Henri De Castries scholarship

Through the Henri de Castries Scholarship, Sciences Po offers a merit-based scholarship for students in order to help them sustain their stay in France during their studies. Students who apply to the Henri de Castries Scholarship can be enrolled in either the Columbia or Berkeley dual BA program with Sciences Po.

The $10,000 scholarship is awarded on an annual basis for one year of study only.


American or French national, admitted at Sciences Po's dual BA with Columbia University or Berkeley University

Application and selection process

Submit the following application materials to the Sciences Po American Foundation (scholarship@usscpo.org):

  • Complete the online candidate information form
  • Candidate personal statement explaining motivation for the Henri de Castries Scholarship (250 words, in english)
  • CV (in english)

Selection Committee

The Henri de Castries Scholarship Selection Committee is composed of several jury members, with one representative from Sciences Po and the Sciences Po American Foundation.

Additional jury members have backgrounds in world affairs, business, finance, journalism, or other domains.


  • Students must apply by Wednesday April 10, 2024 at 11:30 PM Eastern Time.
  • Results are expected by the end of April 2024.


For more information, please contact Sciences Po centre for the Americas